Summertime Sadness

After nearly one-hundred days, eight flights, three countries and two islands, I'm back in London where the weather is not like I thought, it's even worse.
I feel really melancolic. I'm missing Asia so badly but here I am.
 I met a lot of good people, trust me really good, I saw a lot of new things that I never thought could be posible to see with my own eyes, like the great wall, amazing buddish temples in Thailand or Borneo, one of my biggest dreams since I was a child, an amazing paradise full of wildlife.

I know that my blog is really abandoned but with this last journey it was a little difficult to think about blogging but I came back and I want to do this seriously.
So tomorrow I'm gonna start college and I'm so happy and afraid at the same time because it's a new big experience.

Today I'll show you one of my last summer looks, it was in Kuala Lumpur, front office of Lou's grandad. I wore long dress by Topshop, silk jacket bought in a little shop in Beijing (I love it, so mcqueen), bag and sandals from Zara, Yves Saint Laurent arty ring, Rayban wayfarers, Samsonite Macbook cover and necklace bought in Asiatique market in Bangkok.




KOH SAMUI. This Thai island is where we are spending our last days in thailand, we leave here on the fifteenth of this month, after been here ten days in the sun and sea.  More pictures of the paradise soon, and more of Asia as well,

Wearing retrosuperfuture sunnies and bikini bought in Bangkok.


Beijing photo diary I

Hello! I am back, sorry.  My excuse is that I was in China for 6 weeks doing an Internship there was no facebook/youtube, bloglovin and even blogger was blocked ...  So I couldn't make a new post.
 After that I was in Bangkok and spent all the time with friends having fun, between BKK and HuaHin ( Thai East coast).
 Now I'm in Koh Samui, my third day here, I had a little accident with a motorbike so I can't walk very well :/
I spent two days in bed, so sad because this island is like heaven in earth.

Btw, if you want to see more pictures have a look at my instagram ( it was working in China so I've been using it a lot) my name is museoffeathers.

Here is my first Beijing photo diary, enjoy the pictures, I'll come back soon


1,2,3- Forbidden City/ 4,5,6- Jingshan Park / 7- Forbidden city outside / 8- Beijing Zoo / 9- Pollution sky / 10- Shopping mall

I wore shirt and shoes from Zara, skirt from Topshop and leather bag from Loewe.



Hi babes, 
My blog is dead, I know... But these past weeks my life has been a mess...
I was working a lot and after I spent 10 days in Spain with my family and friends.  I was in Port Aventura (a theme park) and I went on a rollercoaster call Shambala, 3 times, the biggest in europe inspired by the himalayas, adrenaline 100%. On friday I went for a photoshoot with my photographer friend marina, the pictures are the result of this. There are a lot more to come :) I really enjoyed the experience, I rode a horse, pretending to be free and wild, was amazing!  
I loved the make up aswell, was done by a friend of marinas whos a student make up artist. 
Of course my stay in Spain means there was loads of parties and dinners with family and friends. I am so tired but i enjoyed it a lot. 
Momo is in Barcelona with my parents and I am missing him a lot, the reason for leaving him in Spain is because i am leaving for china tonight and will be 
in asia for the next 3 months. I am so excited it will be an amazing experience. Now it's time for packing, it's difficult choose clothes for  long time because I can't fit all my closet in one suitcase...
Wish me luck!

Ps: I'm still really white, only went a day to the beach because the weather wasn't very good in Spain. However got a bit burned that day.




Hi Darlings! sorry for my absenteeism but I'm busy lately...
Everything seems all right, I got into university for next year so I'm very happy :D
 I went with Andy, Selina and Lou to the Design museum for the Christian Louboutin exibition and if you're in London I highly recommend that you go because it was amazing, a lot of different shoes from old collections and a fetishist collection that I had never seen before, pure art. Unfortunately I couldn't  take pictures because it's not permitted.
Before I went to the museum , we were walking through the Borough market when one girl asked us if we wanted to participate in a TV program in channel 4, so we did. The next step was to go to a Restaurant called Vinopolis and test seven different cocktails and write what we thought it had, then we did a test, a recording and they invited us for treat. It was suprisingly good :)

London is still grey when in my country everybody is in the beach, wearing shorts, sandals and I'm here with this awful weather. Lucky me that soon I'll go to spain to see my family and friends...

And now the new episode of Gossip Girl, I'm excited! 




Finally we know with who is the next collaboration for H&M, Anna Dello Russo, OMG I can't wait for have some pieces...
She is an inspiration for my so I'm very happy!

 Available from October 4, 2012


Berlin II

More of Berlin with my friend Anae, I remember de frozen days...




December, 2010, Berlin(Germany).

I wore:
Zara coat and rayban aviator sunglasses.



Hi everybody!

The colorfull Anthropologie store in Chelsea,London. I love the interior design, the light... One of the most creating store I've ever seen.

Esta es la colorida tiende de Anthropologie en Chelsea,Londres. M'he encanta el diseño interior, la luz... Una de las tiendas mas creativas que he visto.

BTW I have a new Tumblr: http://museoffeathers.tumblr.com/

Thanks for follow me,


Cuff and Hole

Here are two pictures of my outfit from last tuesday, a simple casual wear but with a ponytail and cuff from H&M and the mint jumper from Zara with a Hole.
On my way to Chelsea I found a store called Anthropologie, amazing interior design, cute jewels and cool clothes, soon pictures of the store.
I heard of the store but I've never seen it and now I love it!

Aquí dos fotografías de mi outfit del pasado Martes, un look muy casual pero con una cola de caballo adornada por un cuff de H&M y mi jersey color menta de Zara con un agujero detrás.
En mi paseo por Chelsea encontré una tienda llamada Anthropologie, increíble el diseño interior, joyas bonitas y ropa muy cool, pronto pondré las fotografías que tomé de la tienda.
Había escuchado hablar de esta marca pero nunca la había visto y ahora me encanta!



Happy Easter!

Hi bunnies! Today is easter monday, so enjoy the day and be careful with sweets!
I hope that you enjoyed the easter holidays :)

A todos los que estén en España disfrutad de Lunes de Pascua y tened cuidado con los dulces!



Natural History Museum

Last friday I went to Natural history museum with Lou and his little sister Hannah, I love animals, so I really enjoy this museum. Here are some pictures of the day, the last picture is of Charles Darwin my favourite naturalist ever.
The weather is changing everyday ,last week was full of sunny days and this week is full of sad and cold days...

I wore a coat and jumper from Zara, H&M leather skirt, boots from Bershka, YSL arty ring, Loewe bag and Rayban Wayfarer sunnies.



Les cheveux rose

I'm currently in love with pink hair, Katy Perry, MK Olsen, Natasha Poly, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams...Some who wore this precious colour in their heads and now I want it but I don't dare at the moment...

The girl in the picture is the new model and It girl Charlotte Free, famous for her pink hair. I love her pretty face and her style.

Enjoy it,


Picnic time

Last thursday I went to Hyde Park with my friend Andrea for a Picnic!
Good weather, sushi, wine, macaroons and music done it perfect. I hope that I do it soon again unfortunately the weather today was horrible and seems like it will still be here for some days...

I wore trench coat and dress from Zara, shoes Ted Baker, Ysl Arty ring, Sunnies from RayBan and Loewe Bag.

Enjoy the weekend