Hi babes, 
My blog is dead, I know... But these past weeks my life has been a mess...
I was working a lot and after I spent 10 days in Spain with my family and friends.  I was in Port Aventura (a theme park) and I went on a rollercoaster call Shambala, 3 times, the biggest in europe inspired by the himalayas, adrenaline 100%. On friday I went for a photoshoot with my photographer friend marina, the pictures are the result of this. There are a lot more to come :) I really enjoyed the experience, I rode a horse, pretending to be free and wild, was amazing!  
I loved the make up aswell, was done by a friend of marinas whos a student make up artist. 
Of course my stay in Spain means there was loads of parties and dinners with family and friends. I am so tired but i enjoyed it a lot. 
Momo is in Barcelona with my parents and I am missing him a lot, the reason for leaving him in Spain is because i am leaving for china tonight and will be 
in asia for the next 3 months. I am so excited it will be an amazing experience. Now it's time for packing, it's difficult choose clothes for  long time because I can't fit all my closet in one suitcase...
Wish me luck!

Ps: I'm still really white, only went a day to the beach because the weather wasn't very good in Spain. However got a bit burned that day.