Sunday Morning at Hyde Park.

Hello Dear! This morning I went for a walk in Hyde Park and I ended up in Notting Hill. Fortunately it has been a sunny day and wasn't very cold so I was too eager for spring and I ended up wearing a flowery skirt. Oddly people looked at me weird in London. I think it was because it seemed that I didn't wear tights but in reality yes however I maybe dressed a little uncovered. I am so weary of winter ...
My outfit today thought for walking so I have put my pink oxfords on, at the end of the walk they ended up hurting me: ')
When I go through Hyde Park and I see the people with their dogs I feel a little jealous so always I call them but unlike Barcelona, dogs here don't look at you. The surprise was that a small Pinscher ran towards me and I was glad, it was adorable ...
The last picture is of a Sandhill Crane, I love this bird!
I hope you like the photos, soon more looks from London Fashion Week!

I wore:

Shirt-Topman, Jumper-Topshop
Skirt-Zara, Tights-Calcedonia
Shoes- Ted Baker
Watch- Ted Baker
Ring- Yves Saint Laurent
Earings- Vintage from my Mom
Handbag- Zara
Bracelet- Mallorca Market

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  1. I love your oxfords!! Pink and green are my favorite color combination. Following you now :)