Hi Darlings! sorry for my absenteeism but I'm busy lately...
Everything seems all right, I got into university for next year so I'm very happy :D
 I went with Andy, Selina and Lou to the Design museum for the Christian Louboutin exibition and if you're in London I highly recommend that you go because it was amazing, a lot of different shoes from old collections and a fetishist collection that I had never seen before, pure art. Unfortunately I couldn't  take pictures because it's not permitted.
Before I went to the museum , we were walking through the Borough market when one girl asked us if we wanted to participate in a TV program in channel 4, so we did. The next step was to go to a Restaurant called Vinopolis and test seven different cocktails and write what we thought it had, then we did a test, a recording and they invited us for treat. It was suprisingly good :)

London is still grey when in my country everybody is in the beach, wearing shorts, sandals and I'm here with this awful weather. Lucky me that soon I'll go to spain to see my family and friends...

And now the new episode of Gossip Girl, I'm excited! 


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