Beijing photo diary I

Hello! I am back, sorry.  My excuse is that I was in China for 6 weeks doing an Internship there was no facebook/youtube, bloglovin and even blogger was blocked ...  So I couldn't make a new post.
 After that I was in Bangkok and spent all the time with friends having fun, between BKK and HuaHin ( Thai East coast).
 Now I'm in Koh Samui, my third day here, I had a little accident with a motorbike so I can't walk very well :/
I spent two days in bed, so sad because this island is like heaven in earth.

Btw, if you want to see more pictures have a look at my instagram ( it was working in China so I've been using it a lot) my name is museoffeathers.

Here is my first Beijing photo diary, enjoy the pictures, I'll come back soon


1,2,3- Forbidden City/ 4,5,6- Jingshan Park / 7- Forbidden city outside / 8- Beijing Zoo / 9- Pollution sky / 10- Shopping mall

I wore shirt and shoes from Zara, skirt from Topshop and leather bag from Loewe.

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